NaPoWriMo Day Seventeen Haiku Day

Happy International Haiku Day!

Determined flying
Beaks slice frothy morning clouds
Springward northward bound

Faceted glinting
Restless metamorphosis
Springs up, vanishes. 

Out of night’s quiet
And still, sleepy murmuring 
The first bird’s clear note. 


There is nothing like looking up and seeing a bald eagle fly over, (middle-bridge Brainard) gleaming in the bright morning light. 

Later in my commute I spotted a pileated woodpecker flying over I-90 west of exit 6. 

What I Did Today

Got to work too early so I sat in my car and admired the really big gulls up on the mall roof for a little bit and when that had gone on too long I did this:

Not sure why the gnome looks so crazy-eyed. Looks like he’s coming home with a bag of stuff after a wild night out.

Day 25, NaPoWriMo

The prompt at was to pick a line from another poem and use that as a starter. Took a little rummaging to get outside something I would work too directly. So, how about a little Dr. Suess?

…never mix up your right foot with your left
all the simple things we have given names:
the birds, the dogs, the cats and the children
these are more generic, it’s true enough
but then if you can’t recall if that is
a red-winged blackbird or eastern towhee
you can say with great enthusiasm:
Look! It’s a bird! Up there! Look, right there!
Everyone will sight along your finger
and someone will say, ‘oh, that’s a grosbeak,
rose-breasted not pine. they’re early this year.’
And everyone else will nod and take note
thinking, I’d no idea what that was but
it’s not a dog, a cat or my left foot.

Day 22, NaPoWriMo – Earth Day

The time has arrived after blue sky days –
Morning rain pushes into yellow earth
and soaking there in the April coolness
pulls out new green from ground and every limb.
There, in the field rolling down to the west,
inky splotches that turn into turkeys.
The biggest, tail splayed to impress the hens
the rest hanging out waiting for romance.
Behind them in the hedgerows bursting out white
an unnamed tree of yearly glory blown
just now not an anonymous green hiding
they soften the hills and edges of spring
the world has bided for its wakening
and now is brought from its knees to dancing.

I did see those black splotches aka turkeys this morning. Normally I see them alongside the road trying to act cool like buzzards. Today was party day though in the field surrounded by what are probably wild cherries in fresh flowering.

Day 15, NaPoWriMo – Halfway There!

A true story

A surveyor’s stake with a hot pink flag
stood sentinel above the highway’s bank
The wisp of marker tape fluttering free
as wind sailed by above the commuting
cars which sped along the road each morning
Seeing the flutter who could help but ask
what was being staked out, what was measured
so far from the shoulder and the pavement.
But there, mere yards away from the marker
Another straight and still above the road
not so gaily flagged but a stroke of white
dashed near the top of the brown and black head
Looking again, I saw the eyes first one
then the other meet my own, and fly off.