NaPoWriMo Day 2

Bear with me while I expound a mite. The suggestion from NaPoWriMo/FB was “Today’s Prompt: Write a poem inspired by your favorite painting or piece of art (feel free to post that image with your poem)”

On the website, the challenge was “write a poem inspired by, or in the form of, a recipe! It can be a recipe for something real, like your grandmother’s lemon chiffon cake, or for something imaginary, like a love potion or a spell.”

Sorry, didn’t quite do either of those but was perhaps inspired by the first. I call bonus points for a Latin title!

Nullae apologiae

I am fond of my tools. No apologies.
I have made others swear
not to touch my scissors.
I am loathe to let the unwashed
use my cast iron pans.
This is not to say that I care for all
my tools equally. That would be a lie.
Many tools are just here
because of something broken,
something that required a
larger pry bar or higher step.
But my real tools… Continue reading

Reading this week

I heard about this book yesterday on the radio – and after I got the paint that I’d gone out for I stopped at The Book House of Stuyvesant Plaza and secured a copy of The Power of Kindness by Piero Ferrucci for myself. Thanks Joe Donahue of WAMC and Amy Lane of the Open Door Bookstore!

Also picked up How to Be an Artist by JoAnneh Nagler which is more about how to live day to day in a real world with the artistic mind. I think. More after I actually read it.

Stopped and saw mom on the way home and then I came home, tried out the new brush and listened to the Farewell Address of President Obama.

Yes, It’s That Day Again

There’s nothing like folding a whole lot of fat quarters to start a new day and year off right. To my eyes this is not color accurate but to give you an idea of my ironing board when I got done (does not include all the fabrics that followed me home from my vacation with mom)

Monday after Sunday

Hi! I’m Mary Beth and I’m a collector of art supplies. But at least I can say now, honestly tht I’ve had to replace paints because I’ve used them up and gone through a whole pad of 5.5x 8.5″ paper!

I realized yesterday as I was getting ready to finish the edges of my current quilt-in-progress that no one will see what I put into the quilting after I sew down the facings. Yes, if you looked really really really hard on the front you might see it. This is on the back, never to be seen again:

And on Monday

I can’t say I rested since I came home and cooked up all kinds of things – green beans, potatoes, hard boiled eggs, plus dinner for me tonight and washed up some cherries and had some iced tea and now something involving minty ice cubes.

After my culinary whirlwind, I went upstairs and figured out how much fabric I needed for a back. Not so bad, about 3 yards (which is the easy way to do it and quite generous). The first piece of fabric I picked up had about 5 yards of fabric which would be plenty for both backing, facings and sleeves. It would be a forgiving fabric in terms of backing – my other option is black. I have lots and lots of black fabric.

Then, of course, thread:

The Delivery Guy Cometh

what started out as a quick trip to the Missouri Star Quilt Company website for a Mother’s Day gift ended up with a box on my doorstep today. I’m such a sucker for color cards for threads and such… seriously. And of course once that was in my cart the rest was downhill. There was a matching 30th anniversary bag and then… well. Blues. You know. Because. Blues.

In another couple days there will be another package or two on my doorstep because I signed up for a three week watercolor class online. Looks like great fun and I’m counting on it to get me out of my tendency to work really small and pale. Can you believe it – me? working small and pale? That’s not what I do in fabric but it seems to be what I do in paint. So here it goes – big juicy watercolor with Fred Lisaius. This has a different kind of stash, no doubt about it, but there’s a familiar discussion about cotton fibers and sizing so…

Anyway that starts tomorrow and hopefully the packages will arrive on Wednesday. I do have paint and such to get started if I need to leap in tomorrow. Or I could just do a load of wash and iron all that fabric and… cut it up?

Thanks Mom!