And it wasn’t a bad day, my second day back to work. I do feel rusty at work but that will pass. It’s nice to feel missed. Towards the end of the day I found a lady sitting and watching people while her husband and son were doing something. She said I’d sold her an iPhone and we were chatting. Somehow I mentioned I’d just come back from Wales and she was so excited so I pulled up the album and let her go through some of the photos while I went here and there looking after customers. She was very interested and her husband was amazed that I’d gotten her to use a mac computer! I told him I used the right carrot.

Got an extra charger for the new laptop so I can leave one in the car. Might seem like a frivolous expense but I found over the last few years that it was well worth it. One less thing to carry around, and one less worry about forgetting it when going off to NaNoWriMo group etc. It’s in the trunk!

At lunch time today I wrote a poem that I’d started in the car the other day. Turned out pretty good on first pass I think. This is the first year that I haven’t strictly won NaNoWriMo, but I knew I’d be doing a “rebel” year, going off to Wales for two weeks in the month. I did go to a writer’s workshop while there AND I visited some of the places in my on-going story so RESEARCH people, RESEARCH!

A few people asked about the writing workshop which I’ll write more about in another post.


Caemes Bay and Llanfechell and Standing Stones!


I did a lot of driving around today. As Marge warned me – easier with other cars to follow. Only had one dicey moment but nothing too hairy. Many of the roads I was on today were one car wide and if you met another, someone had to find a place to pull over. My right hand keeps wanting to shift at all the right moments but my left hand is catching on.

Why was I driving around? well, to see stuff of course! This area is full of places to see, the ocean, sheep… a lot of sheep, a lot of wind turbines aka windmills.

There are a lot of public walks here and I knew there was at least one to get to where I needed to go. I looked in the general area and just didn’t know so I regrouped, went back, found the one I wanted AND a very nice young man answered my question (is this it?) and got me started. Amazing. I am never afraid to ask a question and I am always gratified by the people who help me.

My boots and my car, both a wee bit muddy. Well, the boots… muddy and… did I mention all the sheep and cattle? Well then. Having a bit of a rest up and then looking forward to dinner and another good night’s rest.

The Eve of NaNoWriMo (aka Halloween)

Yup, it’s that time again when words fly, charts grow, pencils get gnawed, and a writer’s mind turns to – well, how can I get 1667 words down today?

I was off today and I set myself some chores to do. I cut down part of a tree using my new reciprocating saw (battery-powered no less! I had a nice coat of sawdust!) and put down the last storm windows and even threw a load of wash in. I fiddled with my monopod/walking stick (still too big to go in the main suitcase) and then the smaller tripod (yes, the quick release head will go on it but it could use a washer underneath it).

Then Mom and I agreed that dinner and The Voice would be a good way to spend the evening so that’s just what we did. Then I went off to join the other WriMo’s at Denny’s. They were running pre-NaNoWriMo sprints so I fiddled with photos and now I’m doing a pre-midnight blog entry.

Earlier today before all the chores and stuff, I took a detour and saw things like this:


Click here for the other few photos.

Valor is a gift. Those having it never know for sure whether they have it till the test comes. And those having it in one test never know for sure if they will have it when the next test comes. — Carl Sandburg

Not among the missing!

Nope, I’m here. Just been busy and tired and doing this and that which doesn’t always seem like very much. Put together a packet of poems to send the two workshop teachers I’ll be meeting with soon enough. That’s coming up fast and frankly, I’m SO ready for a vacation.

NaNoWriMo is about to start again and even though I know I won’t be totally aiming for a 50K year, I am hoping to get the story at least to the end in timeline form and do as much as I can in between everything else.

I’ve been trying to squeeze in a little painting too. I spent a pleasant hour or so recently watching some videos – ain’t the internet grand? – and learned how to mix some mighty good greys. The teacher seemed anxious to reassure viewers that it’s ok that there seemed to be color overtones in his greys – blues or greens or reds or browns and I nodded. I knew all this was true – greys are warm and cool and muddy and reflective of other colors and they’re never just black and white mixed together. So blue and red lake? perfect for clouds pushing it a little to blue, a little to red whatever you need.


Click here for all the rest of the album.

I’m also thankful for some painting advice I got from someone I met through work. He asked me if I was having fun painting (yes) and then asked where I was getting my supplies (he approved) and gave me a tip from his own great experience (cool!). He was encouraging of my writing and it was nice of him to look at my dabblings!

From the quote box just now:

Tomorrow is only found in the calendar of fools. — Og Mandino

Thursday? Already?

Came home to a package from B&H – shouldn’t have put this off so long. Got a quick release head for the monopod that lives in my trunk but it turns out it might live on the small (as in desktop or car-roof size) tripod that lives there instead. Why? because I have a mount for my iPhone that will mount on one of quick release plates I got! And the other plate will stay attached to my Lumix. That way it can all zip and out of that and my big tripod. Talk about simplifying my life! Love quick-release!

In other news, had a good first critique session with two writing pals. They were full of comments and questions and suggestions and encouragement. I had a good time looking at my stuff and their stuff with them, talking over alternatives, word choices – all that stuff. Now I’m going to sew for a little while and then look at the written comments tomorrow after I’ve had some time to smile over the whole thing.

I work a lot by myself and the flip side of that is being able to enjoy sharing my work with others, and seeing how others react and interact with what I put out there. Makes it all worthwhile and keeps me going forward.

May the Second

I went to my NaNoWriMo group last night but I was missing the nightly looking for today’s poems. I purposely didn’t write a poem and pushed ahead on my long-suffering tale but I missed the range of brave daily offerings laid out across the Internet. Not everyone does that but some do. For me, that’s part of the NaPoWriMo challenge. Write something and put it out there as an acknowledged first pass at it. Emphasize all month on the process and on the product. I enjoyed the rare moments of dialogue too – the reactions of others and mine to some I encountered. Need to find more of that.

Found on the Way to… I forget

In some old Welsh texts, Eliwlod is a nephew of King Arthur. His father is Madoc, son of Uther Pendragon, an obscure brother of Arthur’s mentioned a very few times in Welsh literature. Eliwlod appears in the Welsh Triads, where he is called one of the three “Golden-Tongued Knights of Britain,” alongside Gwalchmei ap Gwyar (Gawain) and Drudwas ap Tryffin. He pays a postmortem visit to his uncle in the form of a raptor in the poem Arthur and the Eagle.