Great and Grated

You know that moment when you realize you forgot to take butter out of the frig and your bagel is moments, nay seconds away from popping out of the toaster?

Grated butter my friend, coarse grated butter.

You’re very welcome.

And now for something…

…a little out of order and completely different.

Dinner! I’ve been tending the past few days to have more breakfast/lunch stuff and less dinner stuff and today by the time I got here I was hungry. When I arrived, the proprietor brought me a tray of tea to the sitting room and it was all very proper and lovely.

Tonight I ate dinner here since they’re closed on Monday and Tuesday. My meal came with two oval casserole type dishes. One had two small round souffle type dishes in it, the other had: finely shredded (long shreds) of savoy cabbage and kale, perfectly cooked carrots cut in half inch logs and perfectly cooked zucchini disks. The two little dishes held: spiced pickled cabbage (red and cinnamon-y) and the other… pureed parsnips with fresh dill. Oh MY! There was another larger round bowl of potato – not quite mashed, not quite baked – delish!

I thought the server said parsnips and I was so curious if that could be true. Each and every one of those vegetable offerings was wonderful. Not a big kale fan but the texture and mix with the cabbage was quite good. Made me almost sorry I didn’t look at the vegetarian offerings but I had my mind set on something else on the menu.

And now, hold onto your hats… a good way into my dinner (and it was all spectacularly tasty and perfectly prepared)… one of the people serving came to me and asked:

“Would you like some more vegetables?”

It’s what’s for lunch!

Things Seen Along The Way

in this case, to breakfast.

Here’s the original view, seen in the kitchen:

But maybe you’d prefer the egg alone:

Lunching on a Thursday

At least I think it’s Thursday.

Let the Lunching Begin!

#feelingvirtuous #feelingwellfed

Saturday Night into Sunday

On the way home from work, I did what I laughingly called “binge grocery shopping”. You would have thought I hadn’t eaten in weeks for all the goodies in my cart – vegetables and fruits, meat, bread. I could barely fit it in the frig! Oh yeah, some limeade and lemons and limes and that called for replacing my bottle of rum. All because a co-worker had given me a beautiful bag of fresh mint.

I took this bounty and made a simple syrup 2 parts water to one sugar. When it started to simmer I threw in all the mint and let it steep awhile. I strained it and then… I poured it into two ice cube trays and froze it! At least, I hoped it would freeze. Tonight when I looked in the freezer they were indeed frozen but softer of course than regular ice cubes.

I am pleased to report that a couple of those in the glass with the rest of the ingredients and some normal cubes made a quite tasty mojito.

After dinner and my beverage I got down to working on the work in progress,