Happy New Year!

It was thirty-three degrees Fahrenheit and not-quite-raining out as I went outside to see the new year just now. I opened the door to let the old year out and the new yer in and then, as is my own tradition, I stepped out to see what the year and the night held. Only some muffled fireworks could be heard and a little wind through the trees.

The house was feeling nice and warm afterwards and my even warmer bed awaits.

All the best to all my family and friends out there in the world. Find good things and fun things and important things in the coming year!

Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.
— James Dean

And may all your colors be genuine in 2020!

Happy New Year!

Altan – St. Patrick’s Eve

Last night Mom and I headed up to the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall to enjoy the great music of Altan. They are a wonderful band and put on a good show and they had a very appreciative audience. I had downloaded their new album on the night it was released and enjoyed the live mix of new and old, with explanations as to where it had all come from. Also, that we could imagine what we wanted any of the gaelic language songs to be about, rather than the sad tragedies they usually memorialize.

Next up, Billy Collins reading in Manchester VT in April.

Welcome 2017

I spent the afternoon and evening doing little mundane jobs. Enjoyed a movie – Captain Fantastic. Had some dinner, fiddled with the scanner (why so blue, why?) and like everyone else waited for the magic midnight hour. The cats seem to be happy that I switched the blankets around – putting my new wool blanket (from wales! natural undyed dark sheep colors) and the down comforter on the bed. They took turns trying it out for awhile and then settled in together. I gave them each a toy from the catnip jar and a little pinch of the good stuff so they could party a bit before midnight.

At last the hour and moment came. True to our family tradition, I went down and at midnight I opened the front door to let the old year out and the new year in. No one was waiting there to be the first across my threshold so I took myself out into the night. That’s my own personal tradition, to go out and see what the first night holds.

Tonight it was filled with the sound of wind – mostly in the high pines across the road. Road noises brought first some lights swinging through the brush and then a car. A minute or so later the sound of distant fireworks began. The sky was all clouded over and it was cold. As it should be on January first.

Back upstairs the cats were resting from their party and I have clambered into bed, enjoying the moment of a freshly made bed, nice and warm from the heated pad. The fireworks are still all around and people will soon be heading home to their own warm houses and beds.

Safe travels in the year ahead everyone – take time to look around, do the work, paint, write, photo, sing, whatever makes your heart happy. Share it. Love people, do good. Laugh. Be strong and brave.

Merry Christmas! (she lives!)

I wasn’t even vertical enough on Christmas Eve or Day to post my traditional little image and wish you the best:

But there you go. I’m here now.

Mom and I seem to have reached a new level in our long-term relationship.

and today, SNOW!

The Tradition of Tea and Iced Tea

Those who know need no commentary.

Needed a break to recover from taking leave of Lothlorien…