It’s the little things…. blogging division

I’ve been blogging since early 2001 but started on Blogger and then moved to WordPress. There are two parts of WordPress, the free hosting on WP dot com and the self-hosted via WP dot org. It’s complicated (not really LOL)

It’s the little things…. blogging division

Administrivia :: Watch your head!

Doing a little updating and tweaking so let me know if anything seems broken or amiss. I’m sure it will be, somewhere!

(note to fans – my first priority was getting the quote box back up and running and it seems to be, although I’d like to make it look nicer)

Made It, Another Year

Had a pleasant dinner with Mom at the Olde English Pub in Albany and today I’m at work. It’s nice to reflect on the years past and think about times to come and to enjoy all the wishes coming towards me today. Thanks everyone!

Yesterday a little painting and more of that to come and then some adventuring. Stay tuned!

Day off, filled with geeky-poetry-ness

As the 2016 Postcard Poetry Fest starts to wind up, I decided I needed to reorganize the links to the other years. Maybe it would be better to do them as a gallery. That will only take a few minutes, right? Yeah right.

Anyway, Up at the top of the page, you’ll see the PoPoFest link. Now you can view 2014 and 2015 as a gallery. No names or addresses… Obviously 2016 isn’t complete yet.


Happy Anniversary, Sister Blog

Got this notice from the folks:

This is either the blog which is self-hosted, as they say, or the blog which is the one with the birthday. That’s the one that I’ve recently started cross-posting from here to there and I’ve met lots of interesting bloggers and found some followers – thank you all!

I have been blogging since early 2001 but signed up for in order to understand how it works. As they say: Code is Poetry!

A Month of Writing – Poetry

I have kept going during NaPoWriMo and have settled in on writing sonnets again. Blank verse, unrhymed, non-anyone’s sonnet style but within the general format. It seems to be, like haiku, perfect length and presentation for many ideas. I enjoy having an idea and making it fit as best I can. (see also word sonnet)

A few days, I’ve gone back and re-read and thought – hmmm I like this. Some days, I’ve gone into the text file and made some notes or some corrections or changes.

Recently I started cross-posting from here to my site which I’d only had for answering other people’s questions about wordpress dot com blogging. What the heck, why not let these posts show up over there? It’s easier for people to follow blogs there and get emails about new posts. It’s an interesting notion since there’s no reflection in stats to show that interest, but there’s often notice to me of a “like” from one of these readers.

I’m glad to have new readers! Welcome and I hope you leave with a smile or having had a thoughtful moment. Enjoy!

This year I’m really feeling ready or more ready to share and discuss my poems with other people. Guess I’ll have to look into that at some point.

Onward and upwards for the last twelve days of April! Keep writing everyone.

Testing Plug Ins

Yup, just a test, nothing to see here, except perhaps on my version of this.