Monday, July 3

Had some good times today – Started off by going to the post office to send out a package. Mom and I poked at her iPad which is still not acting right although thankfully in very limited ways, and we discussed options. Then we went to lunch. Then I poked around some, and I took a couple back roads home, like I knew where I was going – must have had some idea since I did make it home.

Mom gave me a solar lantern that looks like it’s filled with fireflies. I hung it on the back arm of the mailbox – maybe tomorrow I’ll get a hook or something to make it a little nicer but I keep looking out and it’s still lit up! (I gave Mom a hat which looked super cute on her because everyone needs a nice hat when you’re outside these days.

Did some painting and did some drawing, did some reading. Did some playing. Did some wash. Got all excited about signing up for August Poetry Postcard Festival and realized it’s a 12 AM Pacific Time opening…

This was from yesterday’s trip to the Clark (where you simply must go to see the Frankenthaler Wood Cut Prints and Paintings!). It was about 80F and windy so watercolors were more like an insta-dry medium.

These were done today. It was worth sitting outside sketching the hostas and birch tree just to be outside hearing the birdies sing.

PoPoFest 2016

Even though the Poetry Postcard Fest technically ended with the end of August, there’s always a grace period afterwards where cards continue to navigate the postal system and folks catch up from various things that interfere with daily life and writing during a thirty-one day span. Some folks aren’t quite ready to put down the pen and so they continue to fire off what we like to call “bonus cards” – maybe not to your own group of 31 but pushing outward to others. And, let me tell you, finding a bonus card in the mailbox as August fades in the rear view mirror is a mighty fine thing!

All this is to tell you that I’ve added my own cards to the navigation bar above. If you click PoPoFest above you’ll see the three years of outbound cards for your amusement and edification. If you’re a 2016 Group One participant and didn’t receive a card from me, please be assured I sent one. Leave me a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll get you one, digital or reprint!

The End of August and Postcards

What an August it was! Many cards and wonderful poems and nice Facebook chatter about the process and sending and receiving. It flew past.

I really enjoyed sharing my photographs and my smaller watercolors as postcards and enjoyed the daily writing. I looked forward to my nightly mailbox trip and to what was in my mailbox each day.

I’ll post the cards I sent out, probably at the end of the month. In the meantime, thanks everyone for a wonderful month!

TGIF and TG for Postcards

What a long, harried, worrisome, angrifying week or so it’s been. Not to say it’s all been that way but it sure has had moments and stretches.

Today I took a pokemon pause of the way home just a half hour space of listening to the inspirational and funny and wonderful Neil Gaiman reading his View From The Cheap Seats and throwing little virtual balls at little, often annoying, virtual critters. I’d stopped on the way because after replacing my printer, I ran out of postcard-sized paper! What???? Fixed that.

Got postcard supplies for future cards. Caught pokemon. Came home and there, in the mailbox, two postcards! Two wonderful and most extremely appreciated cards and poems. Thank you two fabulous group one poets! (and there was a box of something to be revealed in December!)

Day off, filled with geeky-poetry-ness

As the 2016 Postcard Poetry Fest starts to wind up, I decided I needed to reorganize the links to the other years. Maybe it would be better to do them as a gallery. That will only take a few minutes, right? Yeah right.

Anyway, Up at the top of the page, you’ll see the PoPoFest link. Now you can view 2014 and 2015 as a gallery. No names or addresses… Obviously 2016 isn’t complete yet.


Sunday, August Is Flying

When I got home tonight, there was still the August Postcard Poetry Fest poem to get done. Earlier today I’d responded to a post on Facebook and thought and then forgot about the line which I thought, at the time, would make a great inclusion in a poem. I was a good way down the poem when I remembered! Yeah coffee! So the poem includes the line

the red caboose of contentment.

Because who could resist that line?

At the meeting, someone pointed out an actual slide from an actual Macworld keynote… I knew where my July 2001 badge was. It hangs over my desk. At some point, I had put my old-new name on it again, but everything else is as it was, before the world changed.

Censorship at AQS Show, continued. Now With Haiku.

Kathy Nida reports that AQS shipped both her quilts back to SAQA. I posted my response below and hope that you’ll write AQS and SAQA showing your support as well. Here are some handy email addresses for you to use.

If you have a blog, consider posting information about this fight against rather pointless (there was no penis!) censorship and be part of facebook and other social media discussions on the topic. Make your voice heard.

I’m on day eighteen of the August Postcard Poetry Fest. Mom and I are visiting a local library. She’s doing Pokémon on my iPhone because her iPad keeps losing GPS signal… I am our “cover” since I’m sitting here writing today’s poem to be sent out. That done I looked at some of the discussions I’m involved with on the censorship question. Next thing I knew – yeah you were wondering when this would happen, HAIKU!

There hung in a show
A quilt with naked women
none with penises.

Today, naked Trump
appeared in many cities
it’s art as protest

When have dangly bits
been anything other than

about fifty per cent
of earthly beings possess
male genitalia.