A Very Good Mail Day

Small box on front porch
inside reminders: freedom
hard won and maintained.

Thanks @WAMCradio for the tshirt and mug but mostly for being who you are – a strong center in a world that needs both news and arts. Also thanks for a World Peace Poetry postcard in the mail.

And according to one of those silly facebook quizzes, if you can’t find me, here’s where not to look (I’ll be the one wearing a First Amendment tshirt…)

One hour of life, crowded to the full with glorious action, and filled with noble risks, is worth whole years of those mean observances of paltry decorum, in which men steal through existence, like sluggish waters through a marsh, without either honour or observation. — Sir Walter Scott

Today’s Mail and Thoughts

Tonight as I was leaving work, I was chatting with another co-worker (also in the “older” bracket of my worksite) about stuff. I was telling him what my next month’s goals were – world peace poetry postcards, sent also to legislative/congressional sorts etc. We both expressed amazement that all this stuff had been going on – for one week. Felt like months. He felt the same way.

As I drove home I was thinking about the chat and it now occurs to me that what I’d been describing – passing along articles and tweets and screenshots of tweets to my facebook pals, explaining how to vet things, where to find primary sources, keeping the story in the news – was much like what I’d just seen on a live feed of Elizabeth Warren talking to a protest crowd at an airport. She was holding a megaphone (apparently non-working) but she and the crowd had fallen back to the Occupy human megaphone technique. She’d say a sentence or part of one and the crowd around her would repeat it verbatim so the people in the back could hear it.

So be it. I can be like that. I can be the pebble tosser that maybe finally pushes someone to make a call or a donation or to talk to others about what’s going on.

Also today, I made a bigger than normal donation to WAMC our local public radio station. I rely on them for news and commentary and they’re rightfully concerned that the federal funding for public radio will be pulled. It’s not a big percentage of their budget but it’s a meaningful one. They added 1/3 of the amount they’d lose onto the fund drive that’s about to start and will keep that money squirreled away just in case.

I want to make a donation to ACLU but I need to button down the info for my company match first. Not gonna throw away the match!

Came home and this was in my mailbox. Between these and my big safety pin I think I’m in good shape.

Twitter anyone?

I am always looking to see what User Number people are when they’re on Twitter. I got in fairly early, March 2007, just as the membership curve leapt upward and I’m perhaps unjustifiably proud that my Twitter number is 2,720,811 and that I know a few people with numbers quite a bit lower than mine.

Having said all that, I suddenly wondered today – what about my follow of @WhiteHouse? I had read that our new prez was going to continue under his own account @realdonaldtrump (Twitter number 25,073,877, member since March 2009). Huh. For the record I don’t follow @realdonaldtrump although I have the search for him on speed dial so as to verify various issuances.

Somewhere just now I read that Mr. Obama had returned to his own Twitter account so I went over to follow that. Of course I had to check out his number:

I knew I liked him!

The answer to my question is that the White House account was apparently closed and re-created, clearing the decks of followers etc.

So there you go. All and more than you needed to know about the pecking order of Twitter. For the record I re-upped following @WhiteHouse. Seems to be a more official set of tweets so far, coming from a web-based client. The Don tweets from a droid.

What You’ll See and Not See in 2017

So it’s a bizarre thing to be a blogger and an artist and writer. Part of the reason I blog is to share my process and work in progress along with whatever catches my eye or ends up in my camera. Sort of journal/diary-like but not too personal.

Truth be told though, part of being an artist and writer is getting your stuff out there into the public view and these days almost every single entry form says something like “cannot have been published, even on a personal website.” Just this year Quilt National relaxed its view on this but after all the years of such a big fuss being made over what constituted publication, I didn’t feel comfortable showing this quilt until it was done.

And frankly, the whole thing makes me laugh since on a good day I might get ten to twenty visitors and a few of them are my mother. So yeah, previous publication, big deal.

But, you have to play by the rules of others when you enter their arena. So you’ll probably be seeing more painting and photographs than poems etc for awhile anyway. More musings about process and life. Not like things will change that much but just in case you’re reading this and you’re wondering what’s going on.

Alive and well in Wales!

Had a most wonderful time at the writing workshop. Seven students, four tutors and many pages of writing and thought. And hours of chat about writing. So much goodness and so little news. 

I have a lot of photos of mostly landscape to upload but I need a better internet connection. So hang in there and know there’s more coming. 

Thursday? Already?

Came home to a package from B&H – shouldn’t have put this off so long. Got a quick release head for the monopod that lives in my trunk but it turns out it might live on the small (as in desktop or car-roof size) tripod that lives there instead. Why? because I have a mount for my iPhone that will mount on one of quick release plates I got! And the other plate will stay attached to my Lumix. That way it can all zip and out of that and my big tripod. Talk about simplifying my life! Love quick-release!

In other news, had a good first critique session with two writing pals. They were full of comments and questions and suggestions and encouragement. I had a good time looking at my stuff and their stuff with them, talking over alternatives, word choices – all that stuff. Now I’m going to sew for a little while and then look at the written comments tomorrow after I’ve had some time to smile over the whole thing.

I work a lot by myself and the flip side of that is being able to enjoy sharing my work with others, and seeing how others react and interact with what I put out there. Makes it all worthwhile and keeps me going forward.

May the Second

I went to my NaNoWriMo group last night but I was missing the nightly looking for today’s poems. I purposely didn’t write a poem and pushed ahead on my long-suffering tale but I missed the range of brave daily offerings laid out across the Internet. Not everyone does that but some do. For me, that’s part of the NaPoWriMo challenge. Write something and put it out there as an acknowledged first pass at it. Emphasize all month on the process and on the product. I enjoyed the rare moments of dialogue too – the reactions of others and mine to some I encountered. Need to find more of that.