Twenty Degrees, Must Be February

This was done from a photo taken this morning. It was about 20°F and too windy even to sit in the car long. I’ve just gotten a couple sheets of Arches Hot Press paper, 140 weight, and this is on that. Much nicer than the Fabriano I’d had but will take some study to make it work. Hot press is smooth; it reminds me a lot of bristol vellum, and it soaks up any water you try to give it, making loose washes behave very differently.

Meanwhile, the wind has been howling for two days. Knocked down an old wolf white pine last night (without damaging anything apparently, although one branch was still dangling menacingly from a power line). Tonight when I stepped out to take a few photos, it was breathtaking, the effect of wind chill. Feel lucky that nothing happened here – lots of roofs got blown off, trees fell etc with power outages.

This morning brought some sun and so did the late afternoon which was very welcome indeed, with or without the wind.

Short February

Tuesday I went over to the Clark to hear a talk about John Singer Sargent and had a short time beforehand to look at some new and newly rearranged things in the gallery – where did the nymphs and satyr go? Off visiting no doubt! And to look out of the windows at the gathering afternoon.

The next day I did these two versions of a scene of shadows. The first was done on a 6″ square of hot press paper and the second on a larger 9 x 12″ or so piece of cold press.

Night Visitors (and day)

A Little Night Painting

Test #2 with YACC

Thursday, More Paint

Wednesday, Good Day for a Take Two

Saunders Waterford Hot Press, still working on it.

Tuesday in February

I had to get out and around this morning – after a quick breakfast I took the long way home but despite the occasional blue patches of sky it was grey and dreary. Took a few photos, meh. I sketched my neighbor’s house trying to get the proportions right. Hard. I did it twice. Then the sun came out a little more and I went looking for SOMETHING to paint. It’s February, all the snow is dingy and things are monotone. Drove as far as Hancock Shaker Village where all the buildings were bright and they have an amazing solar array. I wondered how much they produce and figured the shakers would have approved.

Then I drove home over the roads I’d traveled during my August class in the Berkshires. Took a few photos, meh.