A Little Night Painting


Thursday, More Paint

Tuesday in February

I had to get out and around this morning – after a quick breakfast I took the long way home but despite the occasional blue patches of sky it was grey and dreary. Took a few photos, meh. I sketched my neighbor’s house trying to get the proportions right. Hard. I did it twice. Then the sun came out a little more and I went looking for SOMETHING to paint. It’s February, all the snow is dingy and things are monotone. Drove as far as Hancock Shaker Village where all the buildings were bright and they have an amazing solar array. I wondered how much they produce and figured the shakers would have approved.

Then I drove home over the roads I’d traveled during my August class in the Berkshires. Took a few photos, meh.


I went out yesterday, when there was a little light and found a spot to watch the sky and throw a little paint around. A man pulled up and leapt out of his car to take some photos. In the direction he was looking, there was a lot of color, so I headed down the hill and chanced pulling into Darrow Rd to see what could be seen there. I took a bunch of photos and tonight sat down to see what might happen.

What I had been painting:

What I had been painting the day before

Taking Time for a Take Two

This was the first take

and this was the do-over.

Doing a little painting in the New Year

January has been moderately cold and very gray and rainy. Not great for painting outside. A few days when the sun has popped out I’ve run out to chase it and at least take a few photos to document that the sun is still around!

Sunday I painted in the car and did these two versions of a scene down at Ooms Conservation Area.

Tonight’s Paint

This is drying a bit. Will look at it again tomorrow.

I heard someone say in a video, rather derisively, that of course your paint should be on your RIGHT if you’re right handed and then of course I noticed that indeed all the painters I watch have the paint on the side of their dominant hand… so I am trying it. Feels mighty weird since I’ve had it set up the other way since I’ve had a table with paint set up on it. When I’m out and about my paint is either in front of me or it ends up being on the right so… Feels might weird and a little wibbly-wobbly. Time will tell.