Mission Accomplished!

At Zealandia, today:


Packing it up (or down)

For kicks tonight, I thought I’d try one of the compression packs I got awhile ago. One thing I learned during last year’s trip (right after – don’t over pack!) was that having to repack your jumbled up stuff all the time in order to find what you need is a pain in the patootie. So I thought I’d give these a try. My carry-on-sized bag came with two mesh zip packs too but these promise to make things smaller if needed.

In went a week of undies and a slip.

The bag has a partial zipper to provide an opening. Then there’s another zipper that goes all the way around and snugs down the edges and therefore the whole thing.

when you zip up the second zipper - voila compression.

The Delivery Guy Cometh

what started out as a quick trip to the Missouri Star Quilt Company website for a Mother’s Day gift ended up with a box on my doorstep today. I’m such a sucker for color cards for threads and such… seriously. And of course once that was in my cart the rest was downhill. There was a matching 30th anniversary bag and then… well. Blues. You know. Because. Blues.

In another couple days there will be another package or two on my doorstep because I signed up for a three week watercolor class online. Looks like great fun and I’m counting on it to get me out of my tendency to work really small and pale. Can you believe it – me? working small and pale? That’s not what I do in fabric but it seems to be what I do in paint. So here it goes – big juicy watercolor with Fred Lisaius. This has a different kind of stash, no doubt about it, but there’s a familiar discussion about cotton fibers and sizing so…

Anyway that starts tomorrow and hopefully the packages will arrive on Wednesday. I do have paint and such to get started if I need to leap in tomorrow. Or I could just do a load of wash and iron all that fabric and… cut it up?