That Bright Shiny Thing…

in the sky… what was that?

That was yesterday. Today, it wasn’t raining but there was no sun, and since I was off I got out there and tried some painting.

And then it rained some more.

So I came home and drew a couple things for the online people-drawing class.

That Bright Shiny Thing…

Tuesday Cold and Clear and Cold

It was 6F when I left the house and all the water in the car was frozen like a rock. That’s ok. I made a big loop, looking here and there and then I came home and did geeky stuff.

Twenty Degrees, Must Be February

This was done from a photo taken this morning. It was about 20°F and too windy even to sit in the car long. I’ve just gotten a couple sheets of Arches Hot Press paper, 140 weight, and this is on that. Much nicer than the Fabriano I’d had but will take some study to make it work. Hot press is smooth; it reminds me a lot of bristol vellum, and it soaks up any water you try to give it, making loose washes behave very differently.

Meanwhile, the wind has been howling for two days. Knocked down an old wolf white pine last night (without damaging anything apparently, although one branch was still dangling menacingly from a power line). Tonight when I stepped out to take a few photos, it was breathtaking, the effect of wind chill. Feel lucky that nothing happened here – lots of roofs got blown off, trees fell etc with power outages.

This morning brought some sun and so did the late afternoon which was very welcome indeed, with or without the wind.

Frost Day, the rest of the photos

Frost Day 19 October 2018//

Happy Frost Day!

Well it was pretty darn cool yesterday and last night frost finally arrived. Oops, didn’t do something I was supposed to do.

Still hot, no paint today

I did stop at the local lake/reservoir and did a very fast sketch because folks 11:15 am on a day that it is 90F and there’s no real shade… let’s just say it was hot. Later at work I did an iPad cloud study.

Here’s the whole view, with clouds

clouds 5 july 2018//

Hot enough for you?

It’s been a week of heat. And by heat I mean 90F plus with 100F plus heat index (really? it FEELS hotter?) Yesterday the car thermometer kept telling me it was 99F-100F. When I finally got home last night it was a chill 80F plus.

Days like that means my goal is to find places with AC and to deal with it. Lots of people go to the mall which is my workplace. It’s not conducive to painting because the paint dries quickly on the paper and palette, making it harder to blend colors and soften edges. But we do it anyway because it is

Ever since the first shaggy hunter outlined a running deer with a stick dipped in wood ash or puddle clay or blood, paint has served a vastly more significant and creative purposeas a vehicle for the human imagination, a creator of illusions, the modest but endlessly pliable means of fixing a glimpse of loveliness for posterity. The true originators in this field have always been the great artists. But close behind these masters of illusion came the masters of the applied arts designers, architects, decorators, legions of craftsmen whose vocation was to reflect contemporary standards of beauty and harmony. — Jocasta Innes