Calling it done

I’ve been working on this most of the week, on and off, and I’m calling it done. I learned a lot doing it and I’m pretty darn pleased with how it turned out.

Tuesday, A day of doing stuff and more stuff and paint.

Got up early this morning to deal with car stuff. When they did a recall a month or so ago, they broke my cruise control. I’ve just been busy. Anyway, Saturday, the “check engine” light came on so today was the day to deal with it. I was waiting, gritting my teeth, wondering how much this was going to cost… Did my NaPoWriMo poem, did a little comouter housekeeping.

Finally the guy comes and tells me that my car’s just about done. And that the recall part had failed, apparently causing the warning light. And that the warning light apparently made the cruise control go off. Um, no. Recall done, no cruise control, warning light, in that order. He stressed several times that they’d send the bill to FIAT. OK, I don’t mind not paying but the recall fix failed? This recall was to do with the clutch pedal… ummm.

OK, still hopefully fixed. For free (minus a few hours…) I leave thinking about what to do while I’m in that part of town. So I go to Arlene’s and buy not one but two tubes of yellow paint. One transparent, one semi-transparent.

Then I decide to bite the bullet and look for a new vacuum. The thirty year old Kenmore canister is about dead. I was willing to look at a new one but when I went to Sears it would be at least a few weeks of waiting and I’d have to pay up front. No. Sort of creeped me out.

I stopped at a long-standing local business, Lexington Vacuums, and met both the owner’s son and the owner who showed me all the ways of the Miele canister. Little more expensive but many good features. I decided I couldn’t make that decision on an empty stomach so I went and had lunch at Westgate and then I went back and bought one. The owner sat down with me and put it all together while showing me all the fine details and giving me tips. Paid and then he helped put it into my car. As I drove off I felt good about it. And then I realized that there was no big box and packaging going home with me. Just the vacuum cleaner and a box of bags for it. How cool is that? I’d even made room for a big box in the back.

Came home and of course played with it upstairs. It did great. Molly was nervous but did not become invisible so that was good. When I was all done trying out the new vacuum and yes I did play with all the attachments, I sat down to work a little more on this rather serious watercolor piece. Here’s how my messy palette looked when I was done.

I’m working on doing a rendition of my daffodils out front. Trying to keep it loose. Sketching it in with layered colors. And now, like the apocryphal story, I’m painting out everything that’s not daffofils. (I looked this up and there’s no evidence that anyone said “oh sculpting is easy you just chisel away all the parts that aren’t venus/david/an elephant” but it’s a popular saying anyway.)

Don’t worry about the light green stripes at the bottom. I needed to indicate where the lighter leaves and parts of leaves would be so I could paint in the darker bits under the flowers in the center.

NaPoWriMo, Day Thirteen

The best part of monthly “events” like NaPoWriMo and the August Postcard Poetry Festival is that it gets you to sit down at the blank page every stinkin’ day. Yeah, so what if you miss a day. Who cares? I guess I do. It interests me that even if I think I might have to declare a day off because I have no ideas at all in my head, even if I come this close to just pulling the covers over my head without writing a single word… if I start thinking about it on the way home, maybe I can pony up a phrase. If I sit down at the computer with the file open, I type the [***] which for me (please take note future researchers) designates a different day, and then I type something. It might be sketchy. It might be a decent first draft of a poem but it’s something. So that’s what you’re getting here – a sketchy first draft, just like the twelve that came before it. The past few days there has been a definite NON-flowing of words, so I take what I find.

Walking. I’m walking.
in my dream I am walking.
Dark. I am alone.
The moon is behind striped clouds
The trees are leafless.
songs quenching the thirsting rocks
moon glints on river.
wind brushing back wisps of clouds
night tinted silver.

A little paint, a little quilting

Sort of a LOT wet in the yellow red area. Must learn patience. Must.let.dry.

Meanwhile I will go up and do some quilting then get ready for a day with mom tomorrow.

#bobbincount 6 and morning view

I stabbed myself with a pin after the bobbin finished and I’d un-stitched enough to put the thread ends through. Managed not to bleed on anything though, yeah me!

This morning, this was worth a second look, as the hostas start to take over and the day lilies begin their time of blooming.

The Difference a Day Makes

Compare yesterday’s photos with these, taken this morning. For more, go here or click on the first image:

April 3 2016 Snow and Daffodils//