NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day Fifteen

One of the more recent changes in the world…

While I’m talking,
your eyes, lowered,
never look at me.
I’m not sure you
are listening at all
but you occasionally nod.
At me? I’m uncertain.
You speak but not to me
your lips reciting
what your fingers send.
Is there etiquette
I should follow here,
like waiting twenty
minutes for a professor?
I don’t know and so
I wait for the return
of conversation.

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NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day Fourteen

Black cat slithering
through the field
sinuous around each
clump and weed,
a void against the
grey-tan grasses
abandoned by winter.
Above, sky showing ribs.
Below, all paths and trace

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Today’s Paint Outings

I took a few side roads today and saw a lot of interesting things and a lot of wildlife!

This afternoon the clouds were quite interesting so I did get a couple paintings done.

For some more photos:


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NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day Nine

I’m late today. I’ve spent a couple days with Mom and doing things a little off the path of normal. All is well, and I’m glad for everything. Rained hard just as I arrived home and I set the re-potted plants outside to imbibe. When it let up I went out to look at clouds and found the blue heron was building a nest, there was a pair of common mergansers and a bunch of noisy geese at a nearby pond. So I sat and painted a bit. Now here I am with today’s poem.

One cup in the sink
a spoon on the table
books in a jumble
alongside the bed
an assemblage of
sheets and blankets
pulled up over
irregular pillows
a shoe by the door
half-full cat’s bowl
trash at the curb
lights on auto
shrine silence
remembrance echoing
door opens
door closes again.

Risks must be taken, because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.
— Leo Buscaglia

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NaPoWriMo 2019 Eve

I thought of this yesterday, the notion of eve of eve… how long things take to arrive when you’re waiting not so patiently. Yup – it’s time to buckle up for another month of National Poetry Writing Month folks! Starts officially tomorrow!

After explanations of ‘eve’,
As children we would announce
Christmas eve EVE.
penultimate way station.
We had waited all month –
counting down, wishing, hoping,
until the EVE arrived
with its own ceremony,
its own breathless holiday
its own countdown to sleep
then unseen turn from eve
to day, once distant,
now sweetly laid
upon our sleeping lips.

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Is there green yet?

Went for a little drive but even though the sun was out in spurts the land is no-color in great quantities. And, despite the recent warmth, there were little bits of hidden snow/ice.

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A little afternoon painting

I sat in the car today, window cracked, listening to the wind. That field in the foreground held lots of evidence of rabbits, deer and fox.

When I got back home, I watched a very large, very fat groundhog, ferrying leaves and sticks to an unseen burrow across from my driveway.

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