Glad Solstice!

After what seemed like weeks of grey raininess, today the sun made a late afternoon appearance. I DASHED out of the house. It was 31F and falling with a good breeze so it was not comfortable painting weather but I went and watched the sun set and took a lot of reference photos.

23 December 2018 Ooms//

Last weekend I headed over to the Clark to see the new Turner and Constable exhibit. The weather guys were all screaming about possible ice so the galleries were quite empty. The exhibit was quite nice, not huge or splashy but well curated. Since a few of the pieces I often visit there were on special display, I was pleased to see that room displaying a group of works by Gainsborough. These were mostly graphite and ink, sketches of landscapes, animals etc. There is also an exhibit of works showing or reacting to natural disasters.

Coming out of the Clark after a lecture by the curator of the exhibit, the sky was fascinating and I wasn’t the only person standing in the parking lot looking up.

Sky At the Clark 16 Dec 2018//

Keep on…

Being an artist also made me realize that I wasn’t built for the type of loneliness that comes from art. Art is slow, physical, resistant, material-based, and involves an ongoing commitment to doing the same thing differently over and over again in the studio.” (Jerry Saltz)

Thanks to the Painters Keys newsletter for continuing inspiration.