NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day Five

Don’t you look at those magazine checklists and think – if only it were that simple…

All this confusion is, well, confusing me
I can’t tell anymore: Am I anxious?
Depressed? Angry? Sorrowful? Distracted?
It rises within me, whatever it is
and will not accept a greeting
Hello darkness, I mean, grief, um, you are?
It ignores my hints as I search for just
the right name for this pain and discomfort
If only I can name it, I just know
we could come to terms, be at peace again
A suitable checklist could then be found
I would follow all its suggested steps
The harried night would fall away to black
bangs brushed gently back from a furrowed brow.

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Night Visitors (and day)

In other news…

It’s not often I get to experience something for the first time and something that no one I know has reported… but this week… yup, that’s me!

I was patting myself on the back recently for remembering to restock the old toilet paper after putting the last roll in the bathroom. Pat. Pat. Pat. Well done woman, well done!

Time passes and the day comes to break into the new package and put the next roll on. Something seemed weird from the beginning but it took me a few days to figure it out. And I’ve been laughing ever since because…

This roll of my normal plain ol’ Scot 1000 HAS NO FREAKIN’ PERFORATIONS!

You may begin to laugh now… maybe there’s a poem in there somewhere.

Kitten/Cat Impressions

  • It’s impressive how much space two little kittens take up in a bed and how soundly they sleep. They got more sleep than I did but I did get some.
  • It’s also quite impressive how they can do things that seemingly defy the laws of physics (someone I know had a cat he insisted could pass through solid walls) and yet they seem to work like normal other times.
  • I was clearly delusional that I might be able to contain them for a night, a day, a couple of days in the bathroom. They were up and over that barrier in no time at all and up onto the bed in short order. They can also manage stairs up and down.
  • They ate an impressive amount of food last night and I didn’t put a lot more down for them this morning. I do know the ways of cats enough to know that they’ll keep eating past the point of being ridiculously sick and with a new type of food that would be impressive.
  • I was also quite impressed with how invisible Molly became last night after really encountering one of the free-ranging kittens. She’d come out to be with me (silent – not a peep from her) while I unboxed my new pens) but I couldn’t find her this morning. I’m sure she’ll come looking for me when I return home tonight.