Night Visitors (and day)

things seen and done, tuesday edition

I went to the post office for some back up postcard and international stamps. Gave away my first button in my personal project of giving out buttons to people I meet. Had some breakfast. Went grocery shopping (oooh pot roast soup? I’ll try that!) Saw this

Visited with Mom and had some lunch. She had a new snow pusher-thing for me which is great because the one I’ve had for years has decided at last to fall apart. And it’s snowing.

Came home, watched the birds for awhile and painted this.

Merry Christmas! (she lives!)

I wasn’t even vertical enough on Christmas Eve or Day to post my traditional little image and wish you the best:

But there you go. I’m here now.

Mom and I seem to have reached a new level in our long-term relationship.

and today, SNOW!

Something Only I Knew?

If you’re like me, you often sneak off to Urban Dictionary and Google to uncover what various shorthand acronyms mean. I usually take a stab at figuring them out myself before looking. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes my guess is far off the mark.

The other day at work I said something like “don’t get snowed by that” and was met with puzzled looks and a “what does that mean?” I thought they meant what did I mean by the whole sentence but in fact they had never heard that bit of idiom. Ha! I said, usually I’m looking up those letters mixed in with tweets and posts to see what they mean – maybe you should look up ‘get snowed’!

We had a little discussion about it – snowed like “snowed in” covered with snow vs the cocaine-intoxicated-related references vs “snowed under“. I thought – wonder when that came about – surely it predates the cocaine-laden 80’s… Mainly though I was amazed that I could say something that made people wonder – what the heck does that mean???

for the record, from The Cambridge Dictionary, snowed:

snow  verb us
snow verb (DECEIVE)

[ T ] infml to deceive someone with charming, persuasive talk:
This guy is very smooth and can snow anybody.

Day Four, NaPoWriMo – I’d Like To Thank The Weather

I’d Like To Thank The Weather

Where the garden was, is lumpy and white
not sleeping exactly, under the snow,
more like hiding from the mysterious,
the fickleness of spring in New England.
Laughing yesterday at the snow I thought
of last year’s month-long stretch of cold which kept
the snow as snow and piled it up so high.
This year’s weather brought rain, and gushing rain,
some hurled with lightning and rolled with thunder,
wind throwing limbs down so’s we’d notice
I guess, and we talked about it daily:
No snow this year it seems, almost too late.
But Winter’s flashed her biggest smile at us,
waving, goodbye! See you next year, suckers!

Woke up this morning after just a tiny bit of sleep, past time to go to work, and it was snowing – again. So I’d like to thank the weather for some mighty fine NaPoWriMo fodder.
It’s still coming down and looks like it means to keep going. I enjoyed writing this, the last two lines kept offering other choices. The two above are number six.

If you’re looking for more NaPoWriMo poets you can look here on the main website or here, where David Ellis is rounding up some of the day’s work.

For another fine poem, check out this one by Richard Berlin, chosen by Ted Kooser as his poem of the week for the American Life in Poetry. If you like this selection, you can check out others there and subscribe to receive a weekly email.

Day Three NaPoWriMo

(See below for the photographic evidence)

Yesterday, I wrote of bright daffodils,
shining and bobbing in the April breeze.
This morning’s window held a waking view of
fog I thought, until I donned my glasses.
The whiteness outside the glass, it was snow
not a dusting to remember winter
in early April but inches covered
the garden, marble walk, and two lane road.
How trusting we are, thinking spring has come
to sit by us til summer visits late
but she’s a fickle one, both hot and cold
we’re melted and frozen in her dancing.
We laugh as she laughs, we the shivering,
clinging to the warmth of our yesterdays.

The Difference a Day Makes

Compare yesterday’s photos with these, taken this morning. For more, go here or click on the first image:

April 3 2016 Snow and Daffodils//