Day off, filled with geeky-poetry-ness

As the 2016 Postcard Poetry Fest starts to wind up, I decided I needed to reorganize the links to the other years. Maybe it would be better to do them as a gallery. That will only take a few minutes, right? Yeah right.

Anyway, Up at the top of the page, you’ll see the PoPoFest link. Now you can view 2014 and 2015 as a gallery. No names or addresses… Obviously 2016 isn’t complete yet.


Happy Anniversary, Sister Blog

Got this notice from the folks:

This is either the blog which is self-hosted, as they say, or the blog which is the one with the birthday. That’s the one that I’ve recently started cross-posting from here to there and I’ve met lots of interesting bloggers and found some followers – thank you all!

I have been blogging since early 2001 but signed up for in order to understand how it works. As they say: Code is Poetry!

Testing Plug Ins

Yup, just a test, nothing to see here, except perhaps on my version of this.