World Watercolor Month Day #19

Didn’t look like it would be much of a sunset. It was hot and humid and so I plopped myself down just to paint this building with a suggestion of dark clouds behind it.

Here are all the photos I took tonight

19 July 2019 Castleton NY//

World Watercolor Month Day #19

World Watercolor Month Day #17

I stopped, on the way home, to see if there was something to paint. There was, and before dark there was a small crowd gathered to see what the last shout of the sun was all about, rainbow included.

My mom came too and we had a blast taking a whole lot of photos!

And here are all the glorious photos, unedited, several duplicates perhaps, unsorted but enjoy!

Sunset 17 July 2019//

Came home to find a toasted DSL cable modem and WiFi router so here I am, offering you photos via ethernet… that’s how much I love my faithful fans.

Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it.
— Tallulah Bankhead

World Watercolor Month Day #17

World Watercolor Month Day #16, evening

Tonight was the last of six classes with Tony Conner of Bennington VT at the Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy NY. Tonight we started inside, had a great demo of painting sunsets and then moved outside to do just that. And boy, Mother Nature did not disappoint. It might not have been a technicolor dream of a sunset but it was a fabulous array of clouds and beautifully subtle colors. You could feel the rain approaching but it held off until we were heading to our cars. Poured and lightning for a few miles and then clear enough to enjoy a full moon.

It was a great class again with Tony and I enjoyed my classmates too. I don’t do much urban painting so that was good for me too. I tend to like my buildings without windows – sort of like faceless amish dolls, LOL. Tonight I plopped windows into a painting started last week just to say I could.

This rapidly expanding cloud was too fast for me. I took photos for reference and finally just put in the buildings quick below.

Art is our memory of love. The most an artist can do through their work is say, let me show you what I have seen, what I have loved, and perhaps you will see it and love it too. — Annie Bevan

These were the photos I took outside.


World Watercolor Month Day #16, evening

World Watercolor Month Day #16

After procuring some coffee, I returned to my front yard to enjoy the view. Also saw a hummingbird flying around and a wasp drinking out of the bird bath.

World Watercolor Month Day #16

World Watercolor Month Day #15

Swung by Hand Hollow Conservation area where they are still pulling water chestnuts out but there’s not much water left in the “pond”. The light was interesting so I did these two. First, a smaller sketch to show where the light was catching and then a bigger one to show value.

Then I went down to Ooms Conservation area which has a nice view that catches the sunset. Nothing technicolor tonight but it was quite pleasant.

World Watercolor Month Day #15

World Watercolor Month Day #14

Maybe I should have come straight home and painted the two birthday kittens (two already!???) but I took a turn and painted these instead.

Here are all my “reference” photos.

Sunset and Clouds 14 July 2019//

World Watercolor Month Day #14

World Watercolor Month Day #13

Stopped again to watch the sunset on the way home and tried again to paint in the ever failing light. Still a good exercise I think to try and capture the gist of it.

World Watercolor Month Day #13

World Watercolor Month Day #12

Stopped in the last light to admire the sky and clouds. I decided to paint this, which was laughable because – duh – it was dark. Turned out not too bad. Strathmore sketchbook/watercolor paper.

World Watercolor Month Day #12

World Watercolor Month Day #11

While scouting an slightly distant art supply store, I encountered a pad of Winsor & Newton paper: Artists’ Water Colour Paper, Mould-Made, Acid Free, 140lb Cold Pressed (Not). The “(Not)” is explained on the pad cover:

The Winsor & Newton range of Artists’ Water Color Paper Pads contain a superior Cold Pressed/NOT surface mould made paper, providing the most popular surface with the benefits of a stronger, more random texture. It is 100% acid free to ensure the longevity of your paintings. The external sizing of Artists’ Water Colour Paper produces brighter water colour washes and can make lifting colour easier.

I wanted to try it – it looked quite different – irregularly surfaced on the “front” and quite smooth on the “back”, so I brought a pad home with me. Here’s my first go. Probably not quite finished, but as far as I’m going tonight.

World Watercolor Month Day #11

World Watercolor Month Day #9

What does one do on one’s day off while waiting for evening watercolor class? Moves around the geranium to a more picturesque location and then gives it all the leftover clean water as a reward. Now it’s time for dinner and off to class.

World Watercolor Month Day #9