World Watercolor Month Day #11

While scouting an slightly distant art supply store, I encountered a pad of Winsor & Newton paper: Artists’ Water Colour Paper, Mould-Made, Acid Free, 140lb Cold Pressed (Not). The “(Not)” is explained on the pad cover:

The Winsor & Newton range of Artists’ Water Color Paper Pads contain a superior Cold Pressed/NOT surface mould made paper, providing the most popular surface with the benefits of a stronger, more random texture. It is 100% acid free to ensure the longevity of your paintings. The external sizing of Artists’ Water Colour Paper produces brighter water colour washes and can make lifting colour easier.

I wanted to try it – it looked quite different – irregularly surfaced on the “front” and quite smooth on the “back”, so I brought a pad home with me. Here’s my first go. Probably not quite finished, but as far as I’m going tonight.

World Watercolor Month Day #11