Days Off

Yesterday Mom and I toodled around a bit. I wanted to wander around in the little corner of Boscov’s where they have really basic shirts and stuff, always for pretty cheap. Mom found a sweatshirt type jacket in a pretty color with a lovely embroidered design and I got an armful of long sleeve shirts for work and travel.

From there, we went to Eastern Mountain Sports so I could ponder the need for hiking type shoes/boots and the weight of said shoes. I’m really a Birkies sandals year round kinda gal, giving in to closed shoes as needed. And I recently got a pair of Birkies walking style shoes. Trainers as they say. But… November. Probably just cold and rainy. I think I’ll keep pondering. But times running out for breaking in anything new.

We stopped for lunch at Bountiful Bread while we were in Stuyvesant Plaza. Then we made a quick stop at the local art supply shop, Arlenes, so I could get a couple pads of the smaller watercolor paper I have been using.

Back at Mom’s house, we saw a deer eating Mom’s neighbor’s shrubs. Watched it for a long time before it bounded off to the ravine.

I stopped at Target and got a few things including a new Bodum electric kettle to replace my original Aroma one that died unexpectedly. Well, I had a $10 coupon burning a hole in my pocket. I really like my downstairs Bodum – it’s fast and quiet. Then to the store for some eggs, and a little cheese and some wine. That left plenty of time to finish my left over sandwich for dinner and get ready for the big event of the night, the debate!

Today I’m mainly looking at stuff about places to go and doing some reading for someone else and then I’ll have to settle down and get my stuff together for the workshop I’m taking in November.

Saturday Night into Sunday

On the way home from work, I did what I laughingly called “binge grocery shopping”. You would have thought I hadn’t eaten in weeks for all the goodies in my cart – vegetables and fruits, meat, bread. I could barely fit it in the frig! Oh yeah, some limeade and lemons and limes and that called for replacing my bottle of rum. All because a co-worker had given me a beautiful bag of fresh mint.

I took this bounty and made a simple syrup 2 parts water to one sugar. When it started to simmer I threw in all the mint and let it steep awhile. I strained it and then… I poured it into two ice cube trays and froze it! At least, I hoped it would freeze. Tonight when I looked in the freezer they were indeed frozen but softer of course than regular ice cubes.

I am pleased to report that a couple of those in the glass with the rest of the ingredients and some normal cubes made a quite tasty mojito.

After dinner and my beverage I got down to working on the work in progress,

Thursday – out and about

This morning I made myself go shopping. You know how it is, when you work in a mall, shopping isn’t very high on your list of things to do. At least it’s not on mine! But last year before my NZ trip, I went and did clothes shopping at Boscovs that was almost pain-free. I followed the advice my coaches gave me – picking out a bunch of things to try on, and then adjusting sizes as needed, discarding things that didn’t fit or work or whatever.

So that’s what I did today. I went in to the same place, did the same things and hopefully expanded my wardrobe with fewer pieces. Now I can really clear the decks of everything else and feel good about it. PLUS, the woman who rang my pile of stuff up kept calling out the actual prices which were neither the tagged prices nor the sale prices seen on the signs but lower! Except for two items, everything was deeply discounted. I saved just a little less than I spent and came home with a big bag of stuff.

I of course rewarded myself with a couple quick books from Barnes and Noble and then drove across the road to Bed Bath and Beyond to do the rest of my mission for today which was to replace my about dead toothbrush. I got two other little things – a small wine rack to hold my newly arrived bottles safely and a 16 oz thermos bottle. Picked up my field-goods order at the Y and I was on my way home.

When I set up the new toothbrush, I also pulled out the instructions for the old one and there was the date of purchase! I knew I had had it a long time but not that long, so I can’t really be upset at the price, which as I recall was about the same as the first one. The new one has the option to charge via USB for travel but promises to hold a charge for three weeks. Time will tell.