Cats of Sunday

Swoop of cat whiskers
All of a Sunday Morning
Waiting for breakfast

Today’s Mail and Thoughts

Tonight as I was leaving work, I was chatting with another co-worker (also in the “older” bracket of my worksite) about stuff. I was telling him what my next month’s goals were – world peace poetry postcards, sent also to legislative/congressional sorts etc. We both expressed amazement that all this stuff had been going on – for one week. Felt like months. He felt the same way.

As I drove home I was thinking about the chat and it now occurs to me that what I’d been describing – passing along articles and tweets and screenshots of tweets to my facebook pals, explaining how to vet things, where to find primary sources, keeping the story in the news – was much like what I’d just seen on a live feed of Elizabeth Warren talking to a protest crowd at an airport. She was holding a megaphone (apparently non-working) but she and the crowd had fallen back to the Occupy human megaphone technique. She’d say a sentence or part of one and the crowd around her would repeat it verbatim so the people in the back could hear it.

So be it. I can be like that. I can be the pebble tosser that maybe finally pushes someone to make a call or a donation or to talk to others about what’s going on.

Also today, I made a bigger than normal donation to WAMC our local public radio station. I rely on them for news and commentary and they’re rightfully concerned that the federal funding for public radio will be pulled. It’s not a big percentage of their budget but it’s a meaningful one. They added 1/3 of the amount they’d lose onto the fund drive that’s about to start and will keep that money squirreled away just in case.

I want to make a donation to ACLU but I need to button down the info for my company match first. Not gonna throw away the match!

Came home and this was in my mailbox. Between these and my big safety pin I think I’m in good shape.

National Haiku Month is Coming!

I was looking at the 10 Actions in 100 Days website and thinking about sending postcards (seem to do that pretty regularly although not on political topics) and then remembered that February is National Haiku Month. In the past I haven’t done a theme throughout the month although some days generated multiple haiku around a subject.

So folks, I’m going to try writing haiku on National Topics of Interest (to me, anyway) and I’m going to send them out into the world on little pieces of paper and see if a ripple happens somewhere.

If you want to generate a back and print it, here is a link to the 10/100’s printable postcard site. You could come up with your own or use commercially available postcards to send your own messages, haiku or not.

Day 17, Late Night Haiku NaPoWriMo NaHaiWriMo

when writing sonnets:
iambic pentameter;
haiku: seventeen

Poetic thinking
can follow many pathways
enjoy each of them.

there should be a name
for groups of wand’ring haiku
traveling as one.

Day 17 NaPoWriMo NaHaiWriMo

Reaching a milestone?
Pataloha shirt I own
has been reissued.

Plus this from the days of cool rayon shirts, now in cotton/poly. Mine’s a reddish background:

Day 16, NaPoWriMo The Eve of Haiku Day

Get ready, it’s almost National Haiku Day! You know – the Seventeenth! You know what to do (google it people – there are a lot of good haiku sites out there):

Some warm up haiku
For National Haiku Day
All in seventeen

April Seventeen
in two thousand and sixteen
write haiku all day

This clump of haiku
written late on the sixteenth
should get you going.

Tomorrow’s the day
It’s National Haiku Day
Embrace the haiku.