The Tail End of March

March is winding down. Spring has officially arrived but the world of New England and beyond isn’t buying it quite yet. We know this is nothing unusual, having had deep snow even into April but the heart is built to hope and well-supplied with fond memories of warmer weather.

Having reached this far, I’m trying to prepare mentally for NaPoWriMo – yes, it’s time to buckle down and write a poem a day, with only myself and the glory of it all to push for accomplishment. It’s not that you can write a brilliant poem every stinking day for thirty days, but you can sit down and write something. Might be a set of haiku. Sometimes those become something else. It’s just the daily practice, the dailiness that we’re going for here.

How to get ready? Decide on a whether there will be a theme or a form that will build that thirty day arc. Read the helpful materials being posted on writing and writing poetry. I’d say have all the pens ready and filled and paper ready but seriously I’m usually more of a digital creator. Sometimes though you go with a back of an envelope. That’s a fine tradition worth continuing too.

Today’s World Poetry Day – take a poem to lunch! Say something aloud. Amaze yourself and your friends!

Behold! First Crocus!

I had just enough time to get the camera and take some pics before the wind started howling. Welcome in March! There are only a few species crocus that have put themselves into the front lawn. They’re tough birds but tiny – those are sunflower seeds around the one view. They last a few days and they’re gone.