Follow the Heron Home

In darkness we cradled our sorrow
And stoked all our fires with fear
Now these bones that lie empty and hollow
Are ready for gladness to cheer.

(Chorus) By night and day we’ll sport and we’ll play
And delight as the dawn dances over the bay
Sleep blows the breath of the morning away
And we follow the heron home.

— Karine Polwart

and from the quote box just now:

It is often wonderful how putting down on paper a clear statement of a case helps one to see, not perhaps the way out, but the way in. — Arthur Christopher Benson

Take My Heart

Ah Dougie, it was a pleasure listening to you tonight. It was great to sing along with you and all the others. Thank you for all your wonderful songs and for all the feels. (And Mom had a good time too!)

And if you would like to enjoy live Dougie MacLean, he gave a plug to the recording/broadcast studio he built in the schoolhouse where his father and grandfather learned to write. Now his kids are helping him do live broadcasts by subscription – what a great idea!

Go here to get more information about or a free sample!

River and the Road – Archie Fisher

from – River and the Road
Lyrics and music by Archie Fisher (From his CD “Windward Away”)

River, ramble as you will. This road’s a cruel, hard master
And I can’t slow the water’s flow, or travel any faster.

I know there’s a crossroads on this route I’m bound to travel
Straight ahead’s a long, smooth way, the other’s dirt and gravel.
And the hardest thing you’ll ever learn to bear as you grow older
Is to watch a dear friend walk away without a turn of shoulder.
I can be as hurt as you although I seldom show it
I’m so easy-going, that I’m gone before you know it.

The laughter of streams by the Cuillins of home

Far away seaward my green land, my youth land
Far away seaward the Cuillins of home
While here in my dreamtide I’m hearing hill waters
The laughter of streams by the Cuillins of home