A little paint, a little quilting

Sort of a LOT wet in the yellow red area. Must learn patience. Must.let.dry.

Meanwhile I will go up and do some quilting then get ready for a day with mom tomorrow.

Friday night, Painting…

And defrosting the freezer.

I honestly did set out to do the exercise which was to fill a half sheet with quickly indicated people carrying umbrellas. They carried umbrellas. I got carried away. I had to be careful since I hadn’t masked any lights. All in all a productive evening.

Mask. Paint. Unmask. More Paint.

I’ve done a little more throwing around of paint. Had a nice conversation with the young woman at Arlene’s today wherein I laughed at the idea that I was buying a rubber cement pickup-eraser when for years when I did layout work, the result of using rubber cement to stick **gasp** pieces of paper to other pieces of paper with **gasp** rubber cement was globs of rolled up rubber cement which we affectionately called “boogers”. But it’s been many years since I used enough rubber cement to make an effective booger so there I was laying out a few dollars to get a nice square hunk of dried rubber cement.

She thought that story was pretty amusing but when I allowed as that was way before her time she told me she’d gotten a WTF reaction from someone herself recently by allowing that once upon a time, she’d used **gasp** slides to document work for entry in shows. O.M.G.

In any case, paint on paper is what I’m telling you about. Click here for Flickr album with detail photos.


Dinner time now – let’s see how it looks drier.

First Pass, Full Sheet, Flowers

And now the hard part – letting it dry a little.

What to do if …

the edges disappear a little too much? FB Pitt artist pen/brush to the “rescue”. Makes all that soft color and blending worthwhile!

More Kitties

With a last minute arrival and inspection (from afar) by Molly