World Watercolor Month Day #7, Out and Around

SO BRIGHT and shiny this morning! Stopped to see this in New Lebanon, NY. Perhaps they fixed it up for the recent anniversary year – the water is running and the sign looks new.

Sat and drew this (and not the George Rickey kinetic sculpture in the yard!) while sipping coffee.

Then over to do value sketches the Church of Our Savior, Episcopal. (Note to self: leave ample room between two small areas just in case you have to go outside the lines. Yes, I did a little digital doctoring on the last view.)

Too hot now to be outside – will go for an evening paint hopefully.

Inspiration is a byproduct of discipline… simply getting up everyday and planning, plotting, sketching, setting up or actually applying paint to a painting.— Beverly Claridge

World Watercolor Month Day #7, Out and Around


Watercolor Month Day #2

Wasn’t home til late last night but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t out there painting.

First, Mom and I went to the Schenectady Rose Garden which was beautiful, even as it was being dead-headed in prep for later re-blooming.

Then I had another watercolor class. I don’t think I managed to go as dramatic as the teacher was hoping and it was too wet to put in fine lines for tree trunks etc but whatchagonnado?

Watercolor Month Day #2

Happy World Watercolor Month!

I try to paint as often as I can so you don’t have to ask twice to interest me in World Watercolor Month. Paint everyday? In watercolor? Sure thing!

I set out this morning not knowing what I might paint but I stopped at the Hand Hollow Conservation area to sip my morning coffee and nibble a sort of brunch-ish sandwich and got to watch some Columbia Land Conservancy folks clean up some weeds from the pond.

By then my brunch-ish thing had worn off so I got some dinner and swung over to Rte 150 in Schodack to see what the light was doing on all those buildings.

Happy World Watercolor Month!

Sunday’s Paints

I headed off pretty early to the Berkshire Botanical Garden where a lot of people were wandering around looking at plants. Chatted with some nice folks, and noticed that just like the days of sitting with raffle quilts at shows, it is often the MEN of couples passing by who stop to chat and see what you’re doing. So fascinating. Anyway, people stopped, young and old, to chat and talk about what I was doing and what they do. The roses smelled great and a lot of flower beds were coming into their prime.


and a final paint in my front yard after a nice dinner with Mom. If you haven’t signed up for the August Postcard Poetry Fest 2019, there’s still some time – registration closes July 4th!

Resolve in advance to persist until you succeed, no matter what the difficulty. — Brian Tracy

Sunday’s Paints

And more painting!

And more painting!

Yes I’ve been painting…

Yes I’ve been painting…

Va-kay, Day Five

Did you wonder where I’d gone? I’ve been to The Clark, to see a lot of Renoirs, I’ve been out and around painting, I’ve started a class with Tony Conner via the Arts Center in Troy… Catch me if you can!

Va-kay, Day Five