World Watercolor Month Day #9

What does one do on one’s day off while waiting for evening watercolor class? Moves around the geranium to a more picturesque location and then gives it all the leftover clean water as a reward. Now it’s time for dinner and off to class.

World Watercolor Month Day #9

World Watercolor Month Day #8

Had a busy night – a friend and former co-worker fulfilled her lifelong dream of being a contestant on Jeopardy and after that Mom and I watched American Experience series, Chasing The Moon. Both were excellent.

Came home a bit later than normal but decided I could do a quick color play and here it is. That grey-ish curve started out as either pthalo blue or perhaps manganese blue… The colors are a little warm overall because it’s WAY too wet to scan.

World Watercolor Month Day #8