World Watercolor Month Day #3

It was nice being off three days. Did a lot of painting, had a nice day with Mom, went to watercolor class. Today, back to work. After work it was still about 90 and it was just bright and glare-y and meh sky.

Came home and put the new line in the weed-whacker and finished whacking the weeds (aka the front lawn). That was more than enough to send me inside!

I’d listened to and read too much news today and thought about how I was working in a mall on the fourth of July and how we’d be pretty busy tomorrow, on a “short” day while all the world craziness went on and even crazier.

So I painted this.

World Watercolor Month Day #3

Watercolor Month Day #2

Wasn’t home til late last night but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t out there painting.

First, Mom and I went to the Schenectady Rose Garden which was beautiful, even as it was being dead-headed in prep for later re-blooming.

Then I had another watercolor class. I don’t think I managed to go as dramatic as the teacher was hoping and it was too wet to put in fine lines for tree trunks etc but whatchagonnado?

Watercolor Month Day #2