Greys – Grays – Got ’em

Got a package via Fed Ex today, rushed from the heart of Dick Blick. They didn’t want me to wait until the twenty-second as indicated when I’d placed the order. Five new paints – all greys/grays/sorta-grey.

I had just enough time to try these out on a bit of Arches hot press 140 and I knew I should have found some cold press instead. But here you go, joined by five other greys I already had and, in the middle, the common mixed grey of french ultramarine and burnt sienna. All Daniel Smith except for the one, noted as Holbein.

The new ones were pretty non-granulating compared to the others, at least on this paper. I think the grey titanium will be useful.

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NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day Four

Not sure this is it for today, but the suggestion was for a sonnet about sadness. Although I’ve found a few lines in the past few days of iambic pentameter it wasn’t happening for me today at lunch! And then at the last minute:

“She didn’t listen to a thing I said”
what a jolt to the man’s nervous system.
With all the world’s bleak incivility
there’s room to find in the heart’s recesses
a space for kindness or at least, manners
enough to hold your tongue and baser thoughts
If that made him angry, it makes me sad
to expect blind compliance, to obey
the old structures that have served him so long
that keep him bound as much as those beneath
until an unexpected slight shows him
the unreality is all his own
She listened no doubt with her own sadness
and shaking her head moved on without him.

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