Looking for Something to Paint

Note to self: I like snow. No, really. And except for the extreme heat, I’m good with summer. Definitely OK with spring. Find it hard to deal with that March to Early April gray-brown-ness. Bleah. So travel somewhere closer to spring in March or stay indoors!

Came across this pond in West Stockbridge and painted while watching the two resident white swans chase any other bird that came along, both Canadian Geese and Heron.

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NaPoWriMo 2019 – Day Two

Went out this morning to paint and take a look around. The world is that sparrow brown gray although here and there a willow adds a glimmer of gold or some stunning red (think alizarin crimson!) brush along the rows.

Green spears
scattered daffodils
thrusting up
pushing aside the
grey-brown fog
of early April.
The still silent
birch sighs above
one woke crocus,
a yellow sun
in an otherwise
empty lawn.

Those daffodils were up a full inch or two higher when I returned home a few hours later!

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