Day Twenty-three, NaPoWriMo

There are no rules?

I tire of being told
“there are no rules”
because I think there are
there are some rules
or at least some things
that apply to a situation
or to a drawing to
make it come out better
better in the end
or as you hope it will.
“Do your own thing’ was
what we used to say
and a lot of “no rules”
means the same thing
but I’d rather just
sing my own song
than be told I can
sing any way I want
without worrying
about someone else’s
rules because those
rules don’t exist.
Keep your eyes on
your own paper
I’ll do my own thing.

I think I just paid a nominal fee for a series of video talks telling me there are “no rules” to do something I am interested in doing. Probably they’ll get to the more “how-to” part of things shortly but so far it’s all about getting people to believe they can do something because there are no rules…

Sunday at The Clark & Sketchbooks

Painting up on the hill:

Tomorrow I start a short online course about using sketchbooks so these warranted another look at in the last tour of Drawn from Greatness. Degas and Cezanne! There was also a sketchbook (noted that it appeared to have been used as a phone message book…) used by Jackson Pollack. No photos allowed of that one.