TGIF, and for a new book

Molly better hope the book doesn’t fall over on her because it’s big. Really big. It came in a big box stuffed with a lot of crumpled up paper to keep it from moving around. The first handful of pages are double page spreads of paintings… It has a ribbon. It’s beautiful. It’s the US release of the show catalogue from the Melbourne AU exhibit:

Van Gogh and the Seasons

Day 6 NaPoWriMo

Saw this just before heading inside for work. I could have stayed longer and taken better video but… work.

First week of April
old snows have released
the remnants of last year
oak and maple and shrub
piled up and moldering, under trees
blurring curbs and corners
one dry breezy morning
they dance
like the scratchy pinwheels
they are,
lifting with the beat,
a swift circle in a square
holding hands with the wind.
An early spring celebration
squashed later by more snow.