Things learned while riding along in NZ

There are plants here that have very different forms as juveniles, “adolescents” and mature plants. Think about it – most of the time if you look at a very young plant it looks like a tinier version of what it will be as a grown up. Not so this plant – I introduce you to horoeka – the lancewood

Thursday in New Zealand

A long drive from Murchison to Christchurch, filled with road construction and fantabulous views of mountains and geologic formations and rivers and all. It’s hard to be upset when the nice man says sorry there will be a half hour delay because they’re working on the road above here, and there’ a convenient food truck to get a drink – in my case a nice hot tea. Little break and then we were on our way.

All told between Picton and Christchurch about 30 points of being stopped for one way traffic because of road repair. Everything kept moving along pretty well in reality. Most of the repairs were because the roads are getting a lot more use than normal due to re-routing from earthquake blocked highways.

Got to the hotel and found our way to the school and got Marge all registered. While she was getting a tutor’s briefing, I went in and looked at the tutors’ quilts and two of the special exhibits. Then it was off to a happy hour and finally onto a bus bound for the Transitional Cathedral for the Opening event and awards ceremony. A good time was had by all. Can’t wait to check out the other exhibits.

As always, all the photos via the link at upper right.