Molly and the Kittens

There was a lot of hissing yesterday. Molly had retreated to the kitchen and stayed there since Friday night. Yesterday, I successfully barricaded her into the kitchen for a little while. Then I reversed it and put the kittens in the bathroom by themselves with the door closed for a few hours. Molly came right out and enjoyed the sun and spent time with me getting lots of ear rubs and skritches. Then I heard the thump-thump-thump of little paws coming down the stairs. They’d escaped again!

Molly came within about 4 feet of them, fiercely hissing (not an aggression sort of thing more like a “I’m big I might hurt you stay away!” sort of device) and allowing me to still pet her. Then she headed back to the kitchen. The kits got scooped up and put back in the bathroom for a little longer and then released. There is still awhile of hissing yet to do but I think we’re on the road to successful integration.

And the cat cam shows Molly out and around today:

Advice worth pausing for

Today’s a day when we remember and reflect on the violence thrust upon us as a nation and many people as individual human beings on that clear blue-sky morning of September 11, 2001.

A few months later I quoted Christoffer M. Carstenjen from his own website. Chris was one of two from the English/Morris dance communities killed. He was on UA flight 175 enroute to join a group of bikers for a ride up the California coast. Reading it today, I realized that much of it is now advice I pass on to younger co-workers and friends. Let’s resolve to live and live fully and well every day for as long as we have.

Best of all…..

Keep healthy, wealthy and wise. Your job is important, but don’t live for just your job! Keep active and an open mind. Practice random acts of kindness. Complement someone each day. Listen to all sides of a story before making a decision. Don’t be afraid to admitting on being wrong. Learn the meaning of Life. Try, please try, to live within your means. Don’t worry about saving money for your kids’ college costs, it means lots more if they pay their own way. Save at least 15% of what you make for retirement. Try to meet someone new everyday. Ann Landers really means well. Plan for the future. Listen and surround yourself with positive people and speakers. Don’t let the turkeys get you down. Write when you get work.. :-)

Take care,

aka Sir Sword Boy , The Porch Guy, and Mr. Wonderful

September 11, 2017


Photo by Pearl Yee Wong of the Michigan State University Museum

This year there is a lot of news chatter that is hurricane-related, understandable of course, but the September 11 reports have an oddly historical feel about them. We continue to remember and take the time to memorialize and to remember.

I grabbed the last Sunday Times
You stole my cab
We waited forever at the bus stop
We sweated in steamy August
We hunched our shoulders against the sleet
We laughed at the movies
We groaned after the election
We sang in church
Tonight I lit a candle for you
All of you

from — “Nine-Eleven” by Charlotte Parsons