Out Looking Around This Morning

My intention was to get up early, grab a coffee and go out and paint. The night-spirit was good intentioned but the morning-spirit was not so fast moving. I did get up and grab a coffee but by the time I was out there, there wasn’t a lot of time so I went back and took morning photos of an area I’d found recently and am thinking about painting. It’s called gathering reference material people. You can check out the still photos here on this Flickr album but I also took this short video. Hope you enjoy the water and birdies.

Waiting for this to dry

The sky didn’t really look like this last night where I was but it was very bright and colorful. I decided I’d try making one with dark clouds too. Really wet so it needed a good drying.

Sun’s out today after yesterday’s thunderstorms so I guess we better make the most of it. The weather folks tell me we’re about four inches over the normal rainfall amount since January of this year… No wonder we feel a little squishey!