This and That While Waiting

Waiting for UPS man to appear. Molly is keeping watch from the upstairs bedroom. Sorta. She’s looking annoyed that I’m interrupting her nap.

I was wondering about color transparency so I decided to mess around with this test I’d seen somewhere. Nice plaid, eh? Also, I noticed that my palette color chart was started on May 16th 2016. Probably when I got my John Pike Palette. Noted.

I started reading A Life In Hand – Creating the Illuminated Journal by Hannah Hinchman yesterday. First published in the 90’s, it came packaged with a blank journal. I saw Danny Gregory review it in his book review video and it looked great so I found a copy. I was so inspired part way into the book that after breakfast that I sketched this oil tank because I liked the leaf shadows on it.

I came home yesterday and decided to watch a just-posted youtube video and paint along as a challenge. Turns out it’s challenging to paint along when you don’t know what the fellow is painting but I got there. I am really curious – all these UK guys keep using burnt sienna in the sky and it looks YELLOW. To me in person it looks too brown. I’ll have to look into this. Turned out pretty well

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