NaPoWriMo Day Sixteen

Quilting and painting both – love hanging the day’s work up and sitting to look at it. Really helps with the process – what comes next. With paintings, I really enjoy my gallery wall with my more favorite paintings, I wonder if Vincent did that? Writing isn’t so easy to hang up on the wall, but I guess it’s that pleasurable re-read before writing starts again.

The pleasure of painting
at the end of the day –
hanging up the work
and looking at it. Maybe
it feels good, maybe
it taught you something
even if you didn’t really
want to learn it right then.
Relive the struggle or the joy
that little bit of color that
turned out just right
a happy surprise, secretly
there’s much there that
resists explanation which makes
the “I did that”
as sweet as rain in the night.


Neil Gaiman, Bryan Fuller and American Gods

A fabulous time was had by all. Neil Gaiman came out and introduced the first episode and said it was odd because at most screenings he’s not there and they show a clip of him apologizing for not being there and apologizing for all the blood. After a few minutes he ended with, and sorry about all the blood.

It was quite the tour de force, episode one. The audience gasped and cringed and laughed in all the right places.

Then there was a fifteen minute or so intermission and Neil and Bryan took the stagee to talk about how it all came to be and they had a stack of questions submitted by the audience. Alas they didn’t answer my question but that was good because the other questions were more on topic (except for the ‘it’s my girlfriend’s birthday, so Neil could you wish Stacey a happy birthday?’ which he did) and a lot more interesting.

Only felt lost for a few minutes but I think I was ok and once I got the maps thing going I was back on track right away so if I was lost it was easier than what I thought it should have been.