NaPoWriMo, Day Ten

Tough day to find that little shred of something to start with. Luckily I got this amazing little book in a pile of “Take These! Free!” books at the library last week – the suede (aka fuzzy cover) edition of _Treasury of Proverbs and Epigrams_. Lord knows, I love a good set of quotes! These are arranged by various topics like “On Some of the Disadvantages Experienced by the Few Who are Energetic and Lovers of Hard Work.” and “On Husbands and Wives — Courtship and Marriage and What is Often Preferred, or Should be — Celibacy.” and “Merciless Truths.” and “Business Men’s Philosophy.”*

Anyway, I went with this quote and the little “affirmation”, if you will, that came out of it.

Say Hello to Fear

Go up to your fears and speak to them,
and they will generally fade away. — A. Maclaren D.D.

Turn around, what’s gaining on you
Turn around, nothing there but fear.
Just stop then, and put out your hand
Just stop then, wait for fear to come
Speak fear’s name, as soon as it’s near
Speak fear’s name, watch it disappear.

* The first entry in this category is:

Special privilege usually assassinates itself in the end. — Anonymous

followed by

Greed always paves the way for the downfall of those that make it the guiding star of their lives.

Want more?

Greed leads to dalliance with dishonor. When other people’s money is in trust greed has no scruples.

Lust for dishonest riches is its own Nemesis. It may fatten temporarily on an apathetic public conscience, but it commits hari-kari because it doesn’t know when to stop.

There is no other standard of public prosperity or private weal [sic] than the simple one of character.

Proactive vs Reactive

When will our consciences grow so tender that we will act to prevent human misery rather than avenge it? — Eleanor Roosevelt