Another Tuesday, Another…

Grey rainy Tuesday. I’m tired of having a scratchy hoarse throat. But, I got up, took care of the cats and headed out. Two missions: to get a few of the colors that one watercolorist/vlogger keeps touting and maybe some William Carlos Williams.

The color I most wanted to get, Azo Green was nowhere to be seen but I did get these:

The white-handled brush in the photo is one I use all the time and love. I decided that bigger is often better so the other one is new.

I keep a sheet of paper with my palette colors and new colors as I get them, so I put a bit of each out on the cover of the palette. The Quinacridone Red GUSHED out of the tube… The other colors are Red Oxide, Prussian Blue and Sepia.

I sploshed some around on another bit of scrap paper just to see what they would do.

Cleaned off the bottom part of the palette so after some soup I can actually do something.

Afterwards I went to see about the book and while they didn’t have the one I wanted I managed to come home with much more than I intended. Oh dear – retail therapy anyone? These days the painting and poetry are big-time therapy.

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