So many books

not enough awake time…

And Just Like That, March Arrives

Yes I know it’s the third. Yes I know I’ve been rather quiet.

Had a bad cold-whatever which kept me home for a string of days, not good for much other than brewing tea, swilling day/nyquil and watching movies.

Spent February doing a postcard poetry thing – World Peace Postcards. I really enjoy the daily-ness of these months. The first few days might feel a little rusty or forced depending on how much I’ve been writing before the first day of the month, but each day gets easier. Sort of. There are still days when I resort to writing a haiku or three about something near at hand or a word combination overheard to see if that will lead to something else.

But, every night I get to go out to the mailbox, after marking off the list and scanning the cards going out (this time with a postcard each to my two US Senators). It’s a nice nightly ritual, a grand excuse for going out in the cold and looking at the stars or enjoying the snow etc.

The mailbox sometimes rewards me with the work of others – sometimes one card, sometimes a bunch. Sometimes it’s a little wish for peace, sometimes a take on a recent news event. I try not to get tied up in tallying how many arrive but being who I am, I dutifully check off the names of the senders on my month’s master list just as I mark that I’ve sent them a card and what photo/watercolor it was.

So I’m in it for the daily, the every day, the repetitive doing of the work because at the end, that’s what it’s all about, eh?

PS – I’ve spent the last few days doing some head-down, serious type editing, considering of poems I want to submit as a group. What a different way to look at things.

Great and Grated

You know that moment when you realize you forgot to take butter out of the frig and your bagel is moments, nay seconds away from popping out of the toaster?

Grated butter my friend, coarse grated butter.

You’re very welcome.