Proud and Humbled

I am at work today. I am with -in spirit- my friends across the world who are marching with thousands of other folks – for women’s rights, for justice and equality for everyone. I’ve said numerous times in the past few years ‘I didn’t live through the seventies so stuff like this could happen!’ usually in regards to discrimination or stereotyping. I think we’d all like to think that the world has come aways since the sixties but I know deep down that we have to admit that it hasn’t come very far at all.

Seeing all the faces, some clad in the new symbol of our age – that pink pussy hat, showing off their signs, being interviewed, standing in the masses – it’s all making me weepy. It’s so important to do this, to stand up and say no to the status quo and then to take that strength from being part of those masses and apply it every day. To demand respect and fair treatment from others. To stand up for others who need your strength.

Let’s do this so completely we don’t have to think a generation or two from now – we didn’t march for nothing.