Twitter anyone?

I am always looking to see what User Number people are when they’re on Twitter. I got in fairly early, March 2007, just as the membership curve leapt upward and I’m perhaps unjustifiably proud that my Twitter number is 2,720,811 and that I know a few people with numbers quite a bit lower than mine.

Having said all that, I suddenly wondered today – what about my follow of @WhiteHouse? I had read that our new prez was going to continue under his own account @realdonaldtrump (Twitter number 25,073,877, member since March 2009). Huh. For the record I don’t follow @realdonaldtrump although I have the search for him on speed dial so as to verify various issuances.

Somewhere just now I read that Mr. Obama had returned to his own Twitter account so I went over to follow that. Of course I had to check out his number:

I knew I liked him!

The answer to my question is that the White House account was apparently closed and re-created, clearing the decks of followers etc.

So there you go. All and more than you needed to know about the pecking order of Twitter. For the record I re-upped following @WhiteHouse. Seems to be a more official set of tweets so far, coming from a web-based client. The Don tweets from a droid.


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