Quiet evening, waiting for paint to dry

Yup. Taking a break to let some paint dry. Also have a little hand wash drying (turns out I was unexpectedly and pretty dirty one day. So I fixed that.

Had a little dinner: some good wensleydale cheese with apricots, some olives, some fruit, (forgot the crackers…) and some red wine I picked up in the Lampeter Cooperative grocery store. You could also buy whiskey and other things there but I refrained. It’s still raining and windy out – I hear it on my windows.

Anyway, this is probably dry enough but I’m trying to be patient. It’s bigger, so it’s taking a little longer. In the photo it seems a little yellow to me – no doubt the room lighting.

How rainy and windy was it?


Pembrokeshire, continued

Had a lovely breakfast this morning and then headed out to see what sort of indoor activities might be found. It was raining hard when I left and by the time I got back it was raining harder and blowing so hard the water was blowing UP from the road. Not too many photos today. In part because of the rain but also because St. David’s Cathedral isn’t really a place to be snap-snapping photos. I got some postcards of the things I wanted photos of and spent my time looking at things. And then of course I had lunch.

On the way back I stopped at what might be the best thing I was unable to see in Wales. I kept seeing these little signs of a rhino beetle and spotted another sign for it on my way back. In I drove. They were closed but seriously – wouldn’t YOU want to see this???

Latest photos linked below. By the time you get there, there may also be a bonus video. Of, no kidding, the rain and wind.