Caemes Bay and Llanfechell and Standing Stones!


I did a lot of driving around today. As Marge warned me – easier with other cars to follow. Only had one dicey moment but nothing too hairy. Many of the roads I was on today were one car wide and if you met another, someone had to find a place to pull over. My right hand keeps wanting to shift at all the right moments but my left hand is catching on.

Why was I driving around? well, to see stuff of course! This area is full of places to see, the ocean, sheep… a lot of sheep, a lot of wind turbines aka windmills.

There are a lot of public walks here and I knew there was at least one to get to where I needed to go. I looked in the general area and just didn’t know so I regrouped, went back, found the one I wanted AND a very nice young man answered my question (is this it?) and got me started. Amazing. I am never afraid to ask a question and I am always gratified by the people who help me.

My boots and my car, both a wee bit muddy. Well, the boots… muddy and… did I mention all the sheep and cattle? Well then. Having a bit of a rest up and then looking forward to dinner and another good night’s rest.