Not among the missing!

Nope, I’m here. Just been busy and tired and doing this and that which doesn’t always seem like very much. Put together a packet of poems to send the two workshop teachers I’ll be meeting with soon enough. That’s coming up fast and frankly, I’m SO ready for a vacation.

NaNoWriMo is about to start again and even though I know I won’t be totally aiming for a 50K year, I am hoping to get the story at least to the end in timeline form and do as much as I can in between everything else.

I’ve been trying to squeeze in a little painting too. I spent a pleasant hour or so recently watching some videos – ain’t the internet grand? – and learned how to mix some mighty good greys. The teacher seemed anxious to reassure viewers that it’s ok that there seemed to be color overtones in his greys – blues or greens or reds or browns and I nodded. I knew all this was true – greys are warm and cool and muddy and reflective of other colors and they’re never just black and white mixed together. So blue and red lake? perfect for clouds pushing it a little to blue, a little to red whatever you need.


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I’m also thankful for some painting advice I got from someone I met through work. He asked me if I was having fun painting (yes) and then asked where I was getting my supplies (he approved) and gave me a tip from his own great experience (cool!). He was encouraging of my writing and it was nice of him to look at my dabblings!

From the quote box just now:

Tomorrow is only found in the calendar of fools. — Og Mandino