A List of Gratitudes

Today is a good day to make a list, short or long of things remembered and good. In no particular order:

  • This morning, I never touched the brakes going over the two one lane bridges near my house. I don’t remember this happening all summer.
  • My coworkers were funny and witty and supportive in ways that were notable.
  • My morning coffee was just the right hotness.
  • I helped some people. For one woman, I helped her until she understood that all of her notes and information was gone and it wasn’t coming back.
  • I was grateful and pleased to have made all my places-to-stay reservations for my upcoming trip so I can start figuring out what to do for fun. Now, where’s that bookmark for the Chocolate Kebab Place?
  • I was pretty excited to crack open a new box of peppermint tea and find a lip balm free inside! Organic and peppermint too!
  • Glad for people who find my postings fun or informative and back at them for theirs
  • Glad for the sky and all its clouds and stars.
  • Glad to see the changing moon and even the variable sun
  • Grateful that, in reality, the cats are glad to see me when I come home.
  • Very grateful for friends and family who say supportive things to me whether I’m looking for them or not. Thanks for having my back.

Yesterday and today my list of small things and big goes on in a pretty big way.


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