Censorship at AQS Show, continued. Now With Haiku.

Kathy Nida reports that AQS shipped both her quilts back to SAQA. I posted my response below and hope that you’ll write AQS and SAQA showing your support as well. Here are some handy email addresses for you to use.


If you have a blog, consider posting information about this fight against rather pointless (there was no penis!) censorship and be part of facebook and other social media discussions on the topic. Make your voice heard.

I’m on day eighteen of the August Postcard Poetry Fest. Mom and I are visiting a local library. She’s doing Pokémon on my iPhone because her iPad keeps losing GPS signal… I am our “cover” since I’m sitting here writing today’s poem to be sent out. That done I looked at some of the discussions I’m involved with on the censorship question. Next thing I knew – yeah you were wondering when this would happen, HAIKU!

There hung in a show
A quilt with naked women
none with penises.

Today, naked Trump
appeared in many cities
it’s art as protest

When have dangly bits
been anything other than

about fifty per cent
of earthly beings possess
male genitalia.



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