MB and Mom as Tourists

After a long week at work, I have some vacation. Mom and I are doing the locals-being-tourists-where-we-live thing. It started on Saturday with me taking advantage of mom’s central air to get the facing sewn down on my quilt. What a pleasure. Next up the sleeves.

Yesterday we went to the Albany Institute of History and Art which is celebrating their 225th anniversary. They had a big display of ephemera and of their wide-ranging collection and that was fun but what we went specifically to see were the mummies. They were part of our childhoods and they were still there but now they’re on the third floor rather than downstairs. We spent a lot of time looking at all the tomb objects and the writings on the sarcophagus and everything.

We did enjoy the roomful of Alexander Hamilton, the many Hudson River School paintings and well, everything. Lots and lots of local history connections.

Then we headed off for some dinner and ended up at The Olde English Pub. A nice couple gave us advice on feeding the parking meter (and I read afterwards that you better feed the meter!) Our fish and chips and my beer were great and we headed back to mom’s house quite happy.

I went off to writer’s group to try and regain my postcard poetry momentum and to choose three poems to send off for review. Mission accomplished.

Now to get ready for day two!

You can follow along at home:



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