Note to Self

I often get asked what my favorite part of quilting is. That’s hard to answer and I usually say I like all the parts.

That’s a lie.

I don’t particularly like the part I’m doing now which is the trim up the edges and make it a real rectangle part. Fabric, even layered, quilted fabric, wriggles and moves. It moves around. I’ve pushed and pulled it while quilting. I confess. And now I’m asking it to lay perfectly flat and be good. Ha!

Note to self: When you win the big lottery or move into the single huge room studio: the table in the middle that does everything must be bigger than 50″ by 80″ or have a folding top that opens out to that big.

Yup. Bigger table surface would be good. If I’d remembered I could have made a surprise appearance at my guild’s afternoon group and used a few large tables but who knows how long the whole thing would have taken… Oh well. It looks like it will work out now.

In the meantime, I’m hitting the showers while the quilt ‘relaxes’. Yeah that’s my story.


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