Looking inward and outward

This, creatively borrowed from Sandy’s website.

I think I’m going to hole up with the sewing machine. The quilting is going well.

My heart hurts with the world’s confusion and sorrow and I have no words or thoughts to make a difference or to make any changes other than to say that we need to act, person to person, with each and every person, to act with compassion and shared dignity and respect. Each person a person, no labels. Respect and compassion for everyone in all directions.

I’ve had my problems with the post office over the years but after not realizing I’d left with the wrong roll of stamps the other day, the person I’d worked with found a a way to make it right. When I returned the next day, I’d decided I could keep the “wrong” stamps but she was gracious and apologetic and didn’t roll her eyes that I’d made her do work to fix a problem that didn’t exist any more. Left happy. A couple hours later she called me again to tell me there was an express package at the Post office so I could go fetch it before they closed. How cool was that? So kudos to Heather at the Nassau Post Office.


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